Specializing in Affordable Permanent Hair Removal for Both Women & Men

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Barrie Clinic of Electrolysis

The Barrie Clinic of Electrolysis was established in 1985.  Gail O'Neill and Kris Phillips are certified electrologists, who are committed to helping our clients look and feel better about themselves.

Now is the perfect time to get started.  Barrie Clinic of Electrolysis would like to offer you a "no obligation" consultation & 10 minute treatment on the area of your choice. 

Hair is becoming a more noticable problem in today's society.  It has been found that people under stress often develop heavier growths of hair than they might under normal conditions.

A few probable causes of hair growth include:

Distortion due to heredity; a glandular defect inherited from either parent; distortion due to temporary methods such as tweezing, waxing, bleach and depilatories; glandular imbalances & medications.  Some medicines or pills may cause a chemical imbalance.  Menopause may cause a change in the estrogen level.